Charcool Australia was born in 2007 with a love of BBQ and and the heroic plan to share inexpensive and innovative BBQ products that couldn’t be purchased from traditional retail outlets.

Since then, we became the exclusive Australian and New Zealand supplier of the Texas Irons range of personalised BBQ Branding Irons; developed our novelty “Sausage Bloke” BBQ snag holders; found some great suppliers of Aussie chopping boards and wasted hundreds of hours learning to design and customise websites.

So, 4 years later and we’re still going and with only about 500 BBQ Branding irons and BBQ tongs left!

We’re still on the lookout for truly innovative BBQ gadgets and while it is a long and winding road, we welcome your company on the journey.

I’m glad we share our interest in Aussie BBQ and hope you’ll find my products, recipes or links of interest.

Thanks for dropping by