Charcool Sausage Bloke

Money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you company!

Sometimes it gets a bit lonely at the hotplate catering for the family while they’re eating and enjoying themselves.

Nothing draws a crowd faster than a Charcool “Sausage Bloke” when you cook snags!

Made from food grade stainless steel, Dad’s Sausage Bloke is a great novelty gift for the man who has everything!

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Super Tongs

The Wiltshire BAR.B. Super Tong is a stainless steel tong and BAR.B. Mate set together in one convenient package.


Use it to cut, pierce, hold, serve and scrape.

Extra long handles are insulated for maximum comfort when handling food over the BBQ

Pierces sausages or tenderises steaks quickly and easily

Lifts, Flips and Turns!

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The ultimate Set of 4 Wiltshire BBQ skewers.

A special purchase by Charcool. Normally $59 a set. Now $20!

Enjoy the tastes and aromas of mediterranean and middle eastern cooking with hygienic, re-usable, stainless steel BBQ skewers still with their famous Wiltshire 2 year warranty.

Four sturdy polished stainless steel skewers with front guard to push hot food off the end of the skewer.

You’ll never have to buy bamboo skewers again. Big enough for a whole fish or half a chicken.

Why use Skewers?

A meat skewer is a long, thin rod which is designed to be threaded through mixed meats and veggies to hold them together as they cook and keep foods from falling through your grill.

Skewered meat, because of it’s size, cooks faster thus retaining the natural juices. Metal skewers have the additional advantage of cooking from the inside which reduces cooking times.

Meat skewers can also be used to truss meats like chicken breasts. For example, a chicken breast could be stuffed and skewered to keep it tightly folded around the stuffing.

A meat skewer also provides a handle, allowing you to move and manipulate meats on the grill without getting burnt.

While Wooden meat skewers may catch fire and burn and leave your food with an awful carbon taste, stainless steel skewers cook quickly, cleanly and can be re-used time and time again.


Hanging loops for easy storage

No more burnt bamboo or fingers. Clever – and EASY to clean.

Don’t throw away timber skewers, these will last a life time!

Skewer length 43cm

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Rockin Dad BBQ Set

Show Dad how much he rocks with this great Rockin” Dad Barbie Tool Set from Texas Irons

Thrill the “Grill-meister” with this quality, “over-sized” 3 piece spatula, fork and tongs set.

Each piece is made from stainless steel and features the unique Texas Irons’ “Rockin Dad” tribute to the “Old West” brand.

We suggest you combine it with a Rockin’ Dad branding iron , for maximum cred!

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