State of Origin BBQ Branding Iron

There’s nothing like a BBQ to celebrate the NRL’s annual clash of Canetoads v Cockroaches that is Rugby League’s State of Origin series.

Having friends around for a BBQ to watch the games can be almost as good as being there live!

Check out the advantages: first, you can get the full strength beer of your choice; second, you can get a great feed from a “backyard maestro” for less than the cost of a new car and now, with Charcool’s special State Series BBQ branding Irons, you can imprint your state’s initials onto everything from steak to humble pie!

Charcool has been importing BBQ Branding Irons from Texas for over 3 years as birthday or Fathers Day gifts. State of Origin is a great opportunity to get creative!

If your interstate mates think their team can win, now you can make them eat your words!

For the special State of Origin price of just $34.95 plus post and handling you get a 38cm stainless steel branding iron with lacquered handle and your choice of NSW or QLD letters to really show your support.

Made from high quality, food grade stainless steel and featuring large, sand-cast letters, these branding irons leave the dodgy, aluminium ones in their wake.

Fast heating, simple to use and easy to clean! That’s a Texas Irons BBQ branding iron.

Size Does Makes a Difference:

Texas Irons letters are more than twice the size of other branding irons so the imprint really shows up on finished foods. As an result, unlike other retailers we could mention, we don’t photoshop our images to enhance the result.

We cooked, branded, photographed and then ate (yum) all these steaks and you can too!

Perfect for branding steak; chicken breasts; rissoles; bread rolls…everything straight from the grill.

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Premium 3 Letter Branding Iron

Looking for something to get your barbeque humming this summer?

How about a 3 letter BBQ Branding Iron to get the party started? Brand your initials on steaks, rissoles, chicken breasts and bread rolls!

Tell the world: you love your “WRX”; come from “TAS” or love the “AFL”.

The clever folks at Texas Irons have been making their popular stainless steel BBQ Branding Irons for over 10 years so they know a thing or two about quality.

These branding irons are so good that they have been featured on TV shows like Good Morning America, The Ellen Show and HGTV’s “I Want That”.

The secret to Texas Irons’ success is the same as the secret to a great BBQ. Great ingredients!

Every Texas Iron features:

  • Heat resistant, lacquered wooden handle
  • BIG (2cm) 6mm deep sand-cast “Heatbacker” letters
  • Fast heating 304 stainless steel letters (food grade and rust resistant)
  • Quicker to heat and retain their heat longer than aluminium
  • Long (38cm) stainless steel handle
  • A clear, legible impression every time

Compare our TEXAS sized 2cm letters with the puny, aluminium alloy used by others and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Price: $39.95

Shipping: $7.00

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